All Rima Stackers sold by JSA are completely Rebuilt.

~ Rebuilt Stackers are completely disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted, complete bodywork repair and painted. 

~ All wearable items (belts, hoses, lexan, etc.) will be replaced.

All bearings are replaced. Any parts broken, missing or excessively worn are replaced. 

~ All shafts rollers and pulleys are re-machined or replaced as needed.

 ~ Electrical system is upgraded to the Mitsubishi PLC Controller system and machine is rewired. 

~ Pneumatic system is rebuilt or replaced, as needed. 

~ The machinery is reassembled and guaranteed in excellent overall and operating condition.

JSA has over 50 Rima Stackers in stock and will rebuild any Rima Stacker upon order.

Rima Stackers in stock:

Rima RS-10 Stackers
Rima RS-11 Stackers
Rima RS-12 Stackers
Rima RS-25 Stackers
Rima RS-30 Stackers
Rima RS-33 Stackers

Email us to order or for more information.

JSA is the largest rebuilder of Rima Stackers in North America.